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Bitcoin Games in USA Casinos and Around the World

BTC games Creators of tokens, manufacturers of processors and video cards, and even founders of exchanges are gradually switching their attention to a related industry – Bitcoin games. They offer users new ways to get digital coins. In order to prove these words, let’s check out recent news: At the end of last year, one ….  Read More

The social consequences of blockchain technology

The social consequences of blockchain technology

As is so often the case, when new, really new meets people and their surroundings, the first, unintelligible astonishment is followed by bright enthusiasm with its inevitable exaggerations. What we currently have around the subject Blockchain or the experience of cryptocurrencies corresponds exactly to such a sequence of wait-and-see fear and excessive hype. Reports are ….  Read More

blockchain in the usa

Blockchain in the US – what we can learn from its progress

Blockchain applications are strongly promoted in the United States. Our blockchain specialist Robert Herinkton shows what he recognized after a study trip to the USA and wants to develop further here. What is the status of blockchain technology in the USA? The discussion about the blockchain-based currency Libra from Facebook has recently raised awareness of ….  Read More