Bitcoin Games in USA Casinos and Around the World

BTC games

Creators of tokens, manufacturers of processors and video cards, and even founders of exchanges are gradually switching their attention to a related industry – Bitcoin games. They offer users new ways to get digital coins. In order to prove these words, let’s check out recent news:

  • At the end of last year, one of the largest manufacturers of processors and video cards, AMD, joined the Blockchain Game Alliance; 
  • Samsung has added a game on the TRON blockchain to the Galaxy S10’s built-in crypto wallet;
  • Dapper Labs, developer of CryptoKitties, raised $ 11.2 million to create a Flow blockchain focused on the gaming industry;
  • Computer giant Microsoft, leading video game publisher Eidos and creator of the Fabled Lands game book series have teamed up to revive the popular 80s blockchain game book.

These and other events, which took place in just a few months, indicate that the blockchain is confidently gaining popularity in the gaming industry.

Advantages of using cryptocurrencies in the gambling industry

The use of Blockchain technology has many advantages. For users, this is the ability to easily exchange in-game assets without the participation of intermediaries. On the other hand, developers using blockchain can receive additional income from the sales of game items and tokens, as well as attract new users. Therefore, more and more blockchain games are appearing on the market. And in 2020, the industry will see a number of projects that may help bring it to the next level.

Bitcoin regulation around the world

It should be noted that the legal status of cryptocurrencies is still uncertain. In some countries, transactions with cryptocurrencies are allowed at the legislative level. At the moment, cryptocurrencies can be viewed as a currency, commodity or investment asset.

Regulation of cryptocurrencies in different countries is carried out in different ways: some countries prohibit their use, and some recognize them as a means of payment. Experts differ widely on the future status of virtual currencies, but nevertheless, transactions and other operations with bitcoins are already being successfully carried out around the world. Already now it is necessary to develop a legislative framework for the regulation of cryptocurrencies.

The same applies to gambling with cryptocurrencies. Such countries as Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Greece, Poland and Belgium already control Bitcoin games at a legal level. Also, gamblers have opportunity to play in bitcoin casino USA. An interesting situation occurred in Japan, where the biggest crypto market Mt.Gox declared bankruptcy in 2014. This happened because of the government regulations, and this is why Japan now avoids any intervention into cryptocurrencies. 

Top-5 most popular BTC games

Here’s the list of the BTC games, taken from, that are played the most in online Bitcoin casinos.

  1. Chicken Party – high quality slot, with a unique game-play and funny chickens running everywhere on the screen.
  2. Troll Hunters – one of the most popular slots on the list, available in every Bitcoin casino. 
  3. Dragon’s Chest – a very interesting game, with unique features
  4. Bison Trail – fun video slot developed by a famous company Platipus Gaming, free spins and multipliers are included!
  5. Witches Wild Brew – last but not least, great addition to the top-5 list, a Halloween-themed game.

 Where will Bitcoin lead us?

As we can see, Bitcoin (and altcoins) is the future of the gaming industry, as casinos accept a wider spread of cryptocurrencies every day and game developers add different specific features for bitcoin players, so play games for Bitcoin and earn money.

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